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Camp Koby Menorah Lighting on Masada

December 19, 2006   

A special Chanukah candle lighting ceremony on top of Masada hosted by the mayor of Arad and his municipality was one of the highlights of the The Koby Mandell Foundation’s annual Camp Koby Chanukah Reunion Camp. Camp Koby, named after Koby Mandell, a 13 year old American immigrant to Israel murdered by terrorists in 2001, provides emotional support and hope to 500 bereaved children and teenagers whose relatives were murdered by Arab terrorists.

The Camp Koby Chanuka Reunion Camp, one of three camps that take place each year, included swimming in the Dead Sea, hiking in Ein Gedi and through the hills of Arad, boating at a marina on the Mediterranean, and enjoying a visit to a challenge park in Ashdod.

As the Chanuka light s were lit and the sun set over Masada, the mayor told the campers: "I certainly don't have to tell you what it means to sacrifice for the Jewish people, but as we stand here on the spot where 2000 years ago Jews fought for the land of Israel and the sovereignty of the Jewish people, you can take pride in the fact that you and your generation continue to live Jewish lives in the Jewish homeland under a sovereign Jewish state.”

The Koby Mandell Foundation was created by Rabbi Seth and Sherri Mandell after terrorists murdered their son Koby z"l and his friend Yosef Ishran z"l. For the past five years, The Koby Mandell Foundation has provided a supportive environment to thousands of terror victims and their families.

In addition to special healing and support programs for parents and spouses of terror victims, over 500 children attend Camp Koby, a special summer camp for children who have lost parents or siblings to terror. The Koby Mandell Foundation continues to provide a precious support network for those in need.