In four years of Arab terror, 118 Israeli children under the age of eighteen have been murdered. The Koby Mandell Foundation's Annual Learn-a-thon in memory of these children helps send their family members a message that they are not alone.


The program is in its second year and has succeeded in forging a connection between students learning in Jewish day schools in North America with the children and teens lost to terror.

This year over 20,000 young people will be learning over a five-month period of time in schools throughout Israel and North America.

Our goal is to have a minimum of 18 chapters of Mishnayot learned in memory of each murdered child. That is 2124 chapters - completing Shas Mishnayot exactly four times!

1. Each student commits to learning a specific number of perakim of Mishnayot or other Jewish /Torah text.
2. Students receive a card with a picture and biography of the child for whom they are learning
3. Each perek will be sponsored for $18. The study and collection of the Tzdaka must be completed by May 23rd, the day of Koby Mandell's Yahrtzait.

The proceeds from the Learn-a-thon will be used to send the family members of the children who were killed to .

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