UNESCO and IFTA Choose Groundbreaking Healing Therapy Program to be Presented at International Conferences

Recognition of healing programs for children, Mothers and Families

February, 2004, Jerusalem , Israel – The Koby Mandell Foundation is proud to announce that two members of its therapeutic staff will present professional papers at different major international conferences.

Ruth Anne Sadeh MSW, Director of The Koby Mandell Foundation's Mother's Healing Retreats, will be presenting a paper at the UNESCO sponsored 21st International Conference on Death and Bereavement to be held in Eilat from March 23rd to 25th. Dr. Valerie Velkes, Director of Therapy for The Koby Mandell Foundation Therapy Project will speak at The International Family Therapy Association's World Congress on “Families in a Time of Global Crises” to be held in Istanbul, Turkey from March 24th to 27th.

The presenters will discuss the ground breaking Koby Mandell Framework for Grief and Bereavement Therapy, a treatment model for families suffering from the traumatic loss of an immediate family member to terror. Ms. Sadeh will focus on the unique healing environment created in healing retreats and follow up support groups. Dr. Velkes is a psychiatrist, leading family therapist and founder and director of The Israel Family Therapy Advancement Fund for Family Therapy. She will focus on the therapeutic environment created when therapists and families join together to provide therapeutic healing support groups in combination with recreational activities.

The Koby Mandell Foundation

Rabbi Seth and Sherri Mandell created The Koby Mandell Foundation in response to the murder of their 13-year-old son Koby by terrorists in May 2001. The foundation sponsors programs where groups of bereaved women, children, and/or families join together for healing support groups in conjunction with recreational activities, creating a healing community.

The flagship program of The Koby Mandell Foundation is Camp Koby , a healing camp dedicated to promoting the expression of fun and feelings for kids and teens. Camp Koby provides a place where others understand. Surrounded by their peers, specially trained counselors and professional therapists, children naturally share their stories and express their feelings.

For further information please contact Lisa Barkan at (011) (972) 55 212 641 or lisa@kobymandell.org .


The paper
"Mother’s Healing Retreats: The Koby Mandell Foundation
Groundbreaking Methodology"
can be downloaded here.