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There aren't enough hours in a day for me to describe how life changing this camp was for me. It provided me with the opportunity to help terror victims - except I now know that because of Camp Koby, there are no longer victims, but much more. They are survivors who lost and now have more than just a shadow of their former life. Don't pass up this opportunity to change and be changed.
Sammy Harari, Brooklyn, NY

Many people couldn't understand why I wanted to do Camp Koby. When you think of a camp for terror victims it's hard to imagine the total love and happiness the Camp Koby environment is really about. It was truly a privilege to be a counselor for these little girls. My campers were some of the most inspirational people I have ever met, having faced and been through so much yet still have such strong emunah and hope. Being there especially during the war in Lebanon, as a Jewish teen from America, it was the only way for me to show that I cared about my people in Israel and do my part.
Tova Levin, Jamaica, NY


Connecting G-d to a death from an attack by a terrorist is difficult to understand. How can a good natured, G-d fearing person be murdered by a terrorist? I learned the answer to this question through my recent Israeli experience. As Jews, we respond to terror by helping distressed fellow victims of terror open up their closed souls to hope and happiness once again. In Camp Koby, we fought against terrorists by demonstrating that we are still unified and standing strong. As a counselor, I was given an opportunity to assist victims of terror to strengthen their confidence, recovery, and happiness. I partook in a powerful camp where contentment and truth dominate negativity and hostility. My campers were able to overcome the extreme hardships and great tragedy and grow healthily in optimism and find renewed meaning in life. Creative therapeutic activities, inspiring campers, and a caring atmosphere contribute to making Camp Koby a uniquely beautiful experience.
Eden Glaser, Toronto, Canada

Dear Mrs. Mandell,

I want to personally thank you again for giving me this amazing opportunity. This summer was truly incredible and life changing, one which I will never forget. It is so hard for me to be home - away from it all. I have never felt so connected to Eretz Yisrael before. I feel that now, after having this experience, I really understand the true need for us all to be united and in Israel.

I want to thank you and Rabbi Seth for everything, for taking such a terrible tragedy and turning it around so that people can cope and get through their own tragedies with your help. Now I have seen Israeli society from a whole different viewpoint, my life and perspectives have totally changed and I really want to express how thankful I am to have had such an incredible opportunity. You are true role models. Yashar koach on all that you do and thank you again.
Aviva Goldstein, Toronto, Canada