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The Camp Koby experience
provides you with an
unforgettable opportunity
to partner with Israeli teens
as you reach out and help
others in a meaningful, fulfilling
and fun filled summer.


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Camp Koby Sleepaway Camps are fun filled camps for Israeli children who have lost a parent or sibling to terror. This six week summer experience is an intense and meaningful opportunity for you to play a role in the recovery and healing process of Camp Koby participants.

During the camps, kids have a great time and feel free to express their feelings both to other children who experienced a similar loss and to Israeli and American counselors like you who are trained to really understand. In addition to regular activities, therapeutic programs are offered to help the campers cope with the trauma and other emotional issues associated with their tragedy.

Before and throughout the programs, you will take part in professionally designed training programs, as well as learn about groundbreaking new initiatives used at Camp Koby and other organizations that help children and youth in crises. These programs include theoretical and practical exposure to Animal Therapy, Holistic Therapy, Extreme Sports Therapy, Art, Drama and Dance Therapy, as well as visits to organizations such as Yad Sarah, Beit Issie Shapiro, Mada and Zaka.

In order to help you make the most out your summer experience and enable you to have an influence on your school and community when you return home, special Israel Advocacy Seminars have been tailored especially for the Koby Mandell Summer in Israel Programs. In these seminars you will learn to be an advocate for Israel and its special causes, as well as learn how to create effective and powerful presentations and programs that you can carry out when you return home.

Throughout the summer you will enjoy exciting, breathtaking and thrilling tours and hikes all over Israel. You will roll down sand dunes and swim through beautiful corals; hike through rivers, deserts and forests; visit inspiring sites that will connect you to your national and religious heritage, and be exposed to vibrant and welcoming Israeli communites.